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The Smell of Fear

Fearful Fiends Stickers

Fearful Fiends Stickers

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Introducing the inaugural run of the brand new Fearful Fiends Stickers: the perfect way to give your stuff a spooky makeover! These original character art stickers are made of heavy vinyl and are waterproof, so you can show off your Fearful Fiends in style, anywhere you want to stick 'em! Grab them solo, in pairs, or in bundles- the possibilities are fiendishly fun! 


Heavy vinyl, Waterproof


 Each design (other than POE) is approx. 3.25"x2"


For best results, apply your sticker to a clean, dry, and flat surface. Avoid harsh weather conditions (direct sunlight, rain, snow, etc.) to extend the life of your spooky sticker designs

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