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  • Inspired by scary movies...

  • ... and scary books...

  • The Smell of Fear Candle Co

Sinister Scents from Scary Stories

Inspired by scary movies...

... and scary books...

The Smell of Fear Candle Co

Tales of A Creepy Candle

Hello & welcome to my sinister shop! I appreciate you stopping by & hope you'll stay and peruse awhile...

I'm Jillian: English lecturer by day, horror fiend by night, & inspired candle maker in between. I was inspired to create a unique candle that combined three of my passions in to one wicked waxwork and so The Smell of Fear Candle Co was born.

All of my candles are hand-poured to order at my home-based workshop to insure that each is of the horrifically highest quality. I use a paraffin free, coconut-soy wax blend; the bloodcurdlingly best choice for a great-smelling, long-lasting, clean-burning candle. While the jury is out on potential negative health effects of paraffin, it is the sootiest of candle waxes so you won't find any in my sinister selections.

I take my scents seriously and want to your candle burning experience to be a unique one that creates the perfect atmosphere (or atmosfear, if you will). Some scent blends used are my very own bootastic blends while others are petrifyingly pre-made and all are phthalate-free. Scents chosen are directly inspired by & pulled from details in the scary stories we all love, like the hint of oak floorboards from the Tell-Tale Heart or pine needles and earth from bad dreams in Pet Sematery. Custom candles and Wholesale also available. Use the Contact link below to inquire!

I'm a wicked, one-woman show so not only do I craft the candles but unless otherwise noted, all photos, advertising, label design & printing, packing & shipping are done by me. Know that the bit of extra time it may take to receive your creepy creation is due to the utmost care in crafting before sending off to new haunts!

Sustainability is viciously valued here so all materials, from candle supplies to shipping packaging, are as recycled, recyclable, sustainable, or biodegradable as possible.

Supporting our communities is also very important to my dark heart, so a portion of profits is donated to non-profits monthly. Some previous donations have been made to Crisis Services, Pet Emergency Funds, and COVID Relief.

Dare to give one of my unique creations a try but I must warn you, you'll be possessed by these devilish delights!

Market Alert!

I'll Be at The Queen City Traveling Market & Food Drive!

February 27th, 2021 10am - 2pm

The Barrel Factory

65 Vandalia St, Buffalo NY

Bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the WNY Food Bank

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