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I'm a  College Writing lecturer by day and a horror fiend by night. While at a horror con in 2018, I visited a soy candle vendor; lovely candles but no connection to the creepy. My fiancé had often suggested that I start making my own candles, mostly to stem the flow of money I frequently spent on them. That suggestion finally clicked at the con! Why not create a unique, high-quality candle that could take you inside your favorite horror stories? My combined background in & passions for horror, history, film & literature helps me to find my way to olfactory details in each terrifying tale.

My first candle was The Cask of Amontillado in which the scents of sherry, oak casks, & earth are pulled right from the Montressor Family Vaults. All of the candles, melts, & room sprays that I create separate themselves from the other amazing products out there in that mine provide an immersive experience whether watching a classic slasher, reading a favorite gothic tale, or just desiring some spooky ambiance.

I've created candle collections based on horror movies, television series, & literature, as well as cryptids and other odds and ends; all things that are the stuff any horror fan’s strangely comforting nightmares are made of. There is a multitude of candles in the full collection, and I try to get each of them out there on a rotating basis theme featuring related candles from the collection. 

Additionally, I can also do custom and wholesale orders catering to those that like to burn brightly on the dark side. 

All candles are high-quality, hand-poured in small batches in my lair in Buffalo, NY. I use a paraffin-free, sustainably sourced, long-burning coconut-beeswax-soy blend and fragrance oils with no phthalates. Cotton-based wicks are both lead and zinc free and wooden wicks (when used) are sustainably sourced. All the bloodcurdlingly best choices for my spine-tingling scents that will haunt your home in the best possible way.

Keeping The Smell of Fear earth friendly & sustainable is very important to me and while I keep that practice up in materials used, a portion of profits also goes towards planet cleanup via Greenspark .

Stay tuned for more here at the bloodcurdling blog, from candle use & reuse tips, movie recommendations & reviews, as well as random spooky musings. 

Leave me a comment to say Hi, tell me something about yourself, or tell me what you'd like to see on the blog! 

Happy Haunting! 

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