Creepy Critiques

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Wow this smells just like red wine! Not sweet but a merlot maybe. Love the graphics as well.

Spookiest of them all..,

The skull glass is better than I expected!! It’s beautiful 👻! The scents from your candles are spot on. Not too strong either. I love the uniqueness you create from the horror world. It’s right up my alley and while this certainty is not my first purchase, it’s my favorite so far!

This was such a huge hit for my Jaws fanatic husband! Such a crisp scent

It Was The Boogeyman Candle
Krissy Pelechowicz

This has a very witch shoppy smell vibe, gives all the Halloween in Salem MA feels

Nice & Not Overpowering

When i got this candle I was afraid of it being too strong for my nose, however, I was pleasantly surprised it had a strong scent but wasn't overpowering like many other sweet scented candles I've bought elsewhere. The scent is amazing and gets me into the Holiday mood.

Exactly What the Scent Says

I got this candle due to being a huge fan of the Scream franchise. The candle is a nice balance of sweet corn syrup and a hint of popcorn. I think the balance of the two is very nice and reminds me of kettle corn!


I got this candle in the apothecary jar, which if you are debating on getting I think it is 100% worth!! The smell of the candle is sweet and subtle and pure perfection!!

Halloween Perfection

This candle smells like a perfect fall day, an elementary school Halloween Party and Halloween night all at the same time! Perfect addition to your Halloween decor!

Amazing, Refreshing, and Fruity!!!

I bought this candle when it first came out because I was interested in the scent. I finally finished burning it and I can say it was worth it! The scent is pretty refreshing but has a nice sweet fruity smell as well. I enjoyed burning it every time I was able to! A must buy!

You Won't Be Coming Home Candle
Montse Guijarro
So good!!

This candle genuinely smells INCREDIBLE! I haven’t roasted marshmallows over a campfire in over 10 years but this scent took me back to that exact moment where I went camping to the beach and had some roasted marshmallows. I absolutely love this candle!


My daughter was married this past Halloween with a "Cabin in the Woods/Beetlejuice" theme. As soon as I saw this candle I had to get it for them. The candle smells so great and shipping was so fast. They are HUGE horror fans, so now we all will be regular customers!!!!!!


This absolutely reminds me of walking into a flower shop as it doesn't just smell like flowers , it also smells like greenery. So fresh and strong enough given the smaller size I bought.

This has a great smell! It’s sweet but not overbearing sweet.

We come in Peace

I was so excited to see this candle, the scent is exactly like a jelly donut. I only wish the alien on the label was more prominent as it appears cut off by the words or just too tiny to tell what it is.

Hellfire Club Candle
sooooo good!!!

This has an amazing cola fragrance. It’s the perfect candle for a Stranger Things marathon!

Hellfire Club Candle
Robin Beidelman

I love Cola scented/flavored things and this checked off everything on my list. AMAZING, defintely would recommend.

Sleep all day, party all night

This was one of the first candles that I bought from The Smell of Fear agesssssss ago and I still have it, although it’s almost completely burned. Before I bought this one, I didn’t actually like sweet scents, I was more of a floral/citrusy person but this one changed everything. I’m so excited to be able to buy it again because I’ve missed it the past few times it’s been re-released!

I love it!!

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is such a legendary film, that I was so excited to see something based off of it. It has a similar scent to the All The Damn Vampires candle, except that it doesn’t smell like the seaside. It’s such a good scent though, I love it.

So good!!

I can’t explain how excited I was when I saw that there’d be a Re-Animator candle. The scent itself is citrusy, and yes, it somehow seems to get rid of any sort of odors. Absolutely one of my new favorites.

80s movie mania

One of my favorite 80s movies and the scent is wonderful. Definitely smell the salty sea air and a bit of sweetness from funnel cakes.

My new favorite candle

I love this candle! It smells exactly like hot buttered popcorn.

The orange and vanilla combination is just right.not too citrus with a touch of woodsy and creamy vanilla, I could burn this one all day.

Stranger Things Bloodthirsty Bundle
Lex Tee
Stranger Things

I absolutely love the Stranger Things collection. The newest addition of the Hellfire Club did not disappoint! I love the candles with a sweetness to them. Scoops Ahoy has always been one of my favs and was so glad to see it back.

Haunted beach?

I can smell the apple taffy and salt water taffy and a hint of a Carmel glazed popcorn. Love the creativity and can't wait to see what they next concoction will be! Fast shipping and thoughtful packaging!

Not your basic candles!

Fantastic shop! I love the creativity and attention to detail. I love scented candles but bored of the big box store candles, so glad I found these!