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The Smell of Fear

Danse Macabre Candle

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*Scent of Orange Vanilla Spice & Cocobolo Wood* 

An exclusive creation to celebrate the release of author Monica Vogel's new book Swine, now available on Amazon! This seductive scent features orange, cinnamon vanilla, and notes of cocobolo wood, a wood that is similar in scent to rosewood but like the book’s main character, Jack, potentially deadly if you encounter in person.

An excerpt from the novel: 

"Set in a fictional town in Montana, Swine follows serial killer Jack Webster, who turns each victim into a work of macabre art. Each display has special meaning, and two detectives must figure them out in order to catch him. But when Howard Swinton, a sore team player, alienates Wesley Harris for being a rookie, Harris is drawn into a relationship with Jack. As his convictions develop, Harris must determine whose side he’s really on, while struggling with the question not just of how to catch the killer, but whether he wants the killer to be caught in the first place."

Hauntingly handmade with coconut-soy wax blend, cotton zinc-free wicks, featuring phthalate free scents, offering you a natural, sustainable candle, with a clean burn, low soot and a frighteningly fantastic scent blend.

8oz (227grams) candle is in amber glass approx. 3.5in high with a 2.88in diameter opening. 

4oz (99grams) candle is in amber glass approx 2.4in high with a 2in dia opening. 

Lids are black metal and label is waterproof vinyl with personally crafted design.

Hand poured and cured for several days before shipping. 

***Warning!*** To prevent fire and serious injury, burn candle within sight on a level, & fire resistant surface away from drafts ***

Please note that these scents are our creations and all are inspired by different aspects of horror. Some will smell wickedly wonderful while some may smell appallingly atrocious. It all depends on your nose. Choose wisely!