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Best Spooky Candles EVER!

I had an issue with a recent order. You went above and beyond to make it right. I'm a repeat customer, and I will absolutely be back AGAIN! I was beyond thrilled to receive the red skull cinnamon candle. It's not overpowering, it offers a sweet and spicy cinnamon scent. Definitely wickedly wonderful in my spooky book. I must say I appreciate your creativity with horror and candles. You certainly don't just slap a scary sticker on a jar. You take a piece of the creepiness and elevate it, bringing a piece of horror home. I guess that could be bad thing for some :-) THANK YOU!!

Fantastic Scents

These rooms sprays are incredible! All the wonderful scents from the candle in a spray I can take with me. I highly recommend these!

Perfect blend!

This candle picks out the best notes of the book and scent-matches so nicely! I loved the idea of a candle tie-in and this one fits perfectly with the book.

Crates are back!

I'm so happy that crates are back! Now, as a quarterly subscription, with partnerships with other awesome small businesses, the crates are even better! My husband and I were overjoyed with this first crate arrival, and we are all ready halfway through both candles (1 week in) because they are the best! I am a sucker for the stickers and random toys - I love my zombie finger puppet!

Smells great

The candles smell so great! And I love all the little extras with the stickers and the zombies so much fun.

Awesome crate, great items

I loved the selection of items that I got - the candles and room spray, as usual, are excellent. The soap, stickers, and photo were lovely and fit the theme perfectly.

It Can't Rain All the Time Candle
Catie Reardon
A New Favorite!

I love this movie and I'm so glad this candle is back in stock! The smell is strong, in that it lasts for a long time without being really overpowering or intense. It's another Smell of Fear smash hit!

Beware the Moon spray smells amazing and lasts! A few spritzes is a perfect refresh in stale room or tomb!! 100% effective for repelling werewolves! 10/10 will buy again.

This is fantastic spring/summer scent. There's a very pleasant floral note to it.

The Kraken is a light and airy scent that leaves the room smelling fresh. Yet it also lives up to its namesake - the scent makes you sit up and take notice.

Jack's Lament Candle
Blake E.

Great name for candle, and the artwork is really nice. The name in relation to the candle scent is spot on, and I will recommend to anyone who is a big fan of Jack Skellington 💀 🎃 👑

The glass skull candle is pretty awesome, and the scent is terrific. If you or someone in your life loves darker themes or skull designs this a perfect little gift 🎁

The Grinch Candle
Blake E.

Always a big fan of these candles, and they always brighten up the holidays. The theme and scent are awesome for the Christmas holiday, and can’t wait to see what the business does next.

Krampus Candle
Blake E.

You had me at Krampus. Awesome Candle, Awesome Business (been buying since the Etsy days), and I’ll be back for in the near future 🕯️ 👹 🕯️

NOS4A2 Candle
Blake E.

My girlfriend loves this candle (and so do I). It made for a fun gift for the holidays, and the quality/scent is superb :)

Shitter's Full Candle
Blake E.

Great name for a candle, with an even better seasonal scent for the holidays!

Do You Like Scary Movies Candle
Lex T.

I love the smell of this one. So sweet and sinister

Krampus Candle
Janine M.

Great fragrance!

A Kingston Falls Christmas Candle
Eric P.

Great burning and great smelling candle!

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Candle
Dawn C.

Love the glossy label and smells like rich chocolate!
Always packaged safely and love the gift bags!

Shitter's Full Candle
Dawn C.

"You serious Clark?" This seriously smells like eggnog and I love the graphics, the glossy label is so much better than the paper labels I have on some of the previous candles.

Carry On My Wayward Son Candle
Kim H.

I absolutely LOVE the scent!!! Being a fan of Supernatural, I had to have this candle. Packaging was perfect!

Loved the packaging. This will be a gift for my sister. I’m sure she’ll love it!!

The Overlook Candle
Kathleen M.

A perfect winter scent for getting lost in a maze!

Smells like excess!